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NBA 2K21 MT for Sale

It's not easy to continually challenge yourself to be the best when there's a lack of competition. Yet 2K has managed to do just fine with the NBA 2K series without another console basketball game pushing it (at least you tried, NBA Live), and NBA 2K21 should once again be among the best looking on the market. But this time around, the developer will have some extra power to play with by the end of the year, thanks to the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. One of the more controversial decisions by the team for NBA 2K20 is to limit positions in MyTeam to whatever was on their card. For example, if a player's card said he was a PF, he had to play there on the court, and every lineup had to consist of one player at the five traditional basketball positions (PG, SG, SF, PF, and C). Not only did this handcuff gamers; it wasn't representative of the NBA's evolution toward positionless basketball. And while 2K somewhat mitigated it by making the best cards eligible for two positions, the grumbling remained throughout the season. Though 2K has yet to announce exactly what it plans to change for MyTeam for NBA 2K21, although here's hoping the developer add more solo content, for starters. It wouldn't be surprising to see position lock return, too, if only because it helps control the MyTeam squads in Unlimited online play. We're also keeping an eye on evolution's return, currently well-received, so that cards can progress to higher levels.

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