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New World is an upcoming open world massively multiplayer online role-playing video PC game planning release in May 2020. Overcome the brutal legions of The Corrupted and draw battle lines with competing players in this land of danger and opportunity. Gameplay set in the mid-1600s, players colonize a fictional land modeled after British America in the Atlantic Ocean. Players scavenge resources, craft items, and fight other players. The game will work off a pay to play model. A closed beta will occur in April 2020 for players who have preordered in Steam or Z2U. As New World player, your fate has summoned you to the shores of Aeternum, the Eternal Isle. In a land hell-bent on your destruction, what will you do to survive? Strike out alone to forge your own heroic path, or band together, fortify, and fight, and creatures of legend have all succumbed to its corruption. It must be stopped. As you explore Aeternum, you will discover beauty, danger, and opportunity at every turn. Bend the wilds to your will by hunting fierce beasts for food and crafting materials and harvesting valuable resources from the land to fuel your ascent to power. Leverage geographic advantages to control rare resources to accelerate the growth of your territory.

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New World How to Get Fast Travel: Ways to Recall Mounts in New World
2021-09-09 08:44

How do you fast travel New World? Fast Travel is so important for players to get from place to place, which is the best ways to save time and will help you complete quests faster.

New World Three new weapons leaked: Daggers, Blunderbuss, and Void Gauntlet
2021-09-03 08:48

There is a new leak from German Youtubers Rocket Beans about the gameplay New World, there are some future weapons' images including the recently hinted Void Gauntlet, Daggers, and the Blunderbuss!

New World Begins Open Beta from September 9th to September 12th
2021-08-30 08:43

New World MMO game will be officially released on September 28th. Announced at Gamescom’s Opening Night Live on Wednesday, the New World Open Beta will start on September 9th and it will be last on September 12th.

How to Level Up Fast in New World: Best Ways to Level Up fast and quick in NW
2021-08-13 08:42

The New World game is in closed beta, and as you level up in the game, you’re going to discover new weapons and combinations which make up different builds. So, do you want to level up fast and get better builds? Here is how: