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Currency Temtem Pansun Ratings and Reviews
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Game Description

Temtem Pansun for Sale

Temtem is a very similar game to Pokemon games, where the main goal is to capture monsters and battle with other players on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam, PS5, Xbox Series X|S. Temtem are the titular fictional creatures and a major element of the game Temtem. In the Airborne Archipelago, Temtem are tamed and used as traveling companions. In addition, collecting Temtem is a popular hobby. It is implied that Temtem like to battle, which is considered a sport among people. Luma Temtem are a very rare occurence. They have different coloration, glow and particle effects, and a bright shine when entering combat. Unlike most other properties of Temtem, the Luma status does not affect their combat performance and is a purely cosmetic variation. The current odds of encountering an untamed Luma Temtem are 1 in 10000.

To play well the gameplay, you’ll need Pansuns, Temtem’s in-game currency, to buy all of the items (gear, cosmetics, or general items) you use, from Balms to Revives to TemCards. Since you need all these items to keep your squad of Temtem in fighting shape, you’ll need to have plenty of money on hand. Pansun is the currency used in the Airborne Archipelago. It can be farmed through selling items at Temporiums, winning Temtem battles, and winning in PvP based matchmaking. And there is also an easy and fast way for you: buying Temtem Pansun at the secure marketplace

Buy Temtem Money

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Selling Temtem Pansun in our marketplace is easy, fast and safe. Click the 'Sell' button at the top of the page. It leads to a registration page which requires some personal information to be filled. Rest assured, we have a very strict privacy policy and will never, in any case, disclose your data to any third party - they are only asked for security reason. The whole registration and listing process is completely free. You wouldn't need to pay a penny for that. After you have completed the registration successfully, you can begin to list your products on our website and waiting for the buyers! 

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By completing the Tourist Guide quest, you can get an umbrella which is one of the best items for the early game in Temtem. This guide will show you the tips to get Temtem Umbrella.

How to Get Luma Temtem in Temtem PC/PS4/Xbox One
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